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      Want to Turn Your Expenses into Cash in your Pocket?

      PetitePeds CashbackPetitePeds is thrilled to launch the PetitePeds Cashback Rewards Program ® , in association with one of the World’s Largest Shopping Communities, which allows you to do just that!!

      As a member of the PetitePeds Cashback Rewards Program, ® you will be entitled to the following benefits when shopping with PetitePeds.

      1. 8% overall Loyalty benefit comprising

      • 2% instant Cashback on every purchase made through Petite Peds
      • 5% Loyalty benefit to deposit into your 'purchase account'
      • 1% friendship bonuses to your recommenders (0.5% for direct and 0.5% indirect)

      2. This will also automatically allow you to become a loyalty customer with millions of SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the world!! So you can see that it is a Rewards Program with a DIFFERENCE!

      Please contact PetitePeds to join you up instantly and for FREE before you make your purchase so you can redeem your 8% instantly.

      Referral Rewards

      As a special bonus for referring (and joining up) friends to the PetitePeds Cashback Rewards Program, we are offering a pair of High Quality Stockings/Leggings to the value of $20.00 Remember your friend does not necessarily have to have Small Feet to join the program!